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About Us

About me and my soap.

My name is Claudia Paniagua, the owner and creator of Nana’s Bubbles. 

The inspiration to make soap came to mind after a horrible day at work. I started to think about hobbies that I could use to keep my mind off of things, and while sitting looking at the nothingness in my room, I questioned myself on how is soap made and if I could ever do it. 

Then, through a lot of research and spending money I got everything that I needed to start creating soap and bath care products.

To this date, soap makes me feel good, it is a great way for me to feel relaxed and more in touch with the creative side of me.


All of my soaps are made with organic ingredients and are 100% vegan handmade products.

We also carry 100% All Natural Soaps containing only therapeutic grade fragrance oils with spices, herbs, and food grade micas to add color.

Care Instructions: Keep in a dry well-ventilated area away from direct water between uses to extend the life of the soap.

Please note: None of the products I offer on this site are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. They have not been evaluated by the FDA.

Precautions: If pregnant, consult your physician first before using a product, containing fragrance oils due to their therapeutic properties.


Never Tested on Animals.

100% handmade soap.

Detergent and preservative Free.

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